No one has really frequently asked me these questions but incase you were wondering about...


If you are not aware, I am a small business just having a crack. I will generally order your items when I get enough orders together so there may be some delay in your items getting to you. Sometimes I do have extra stock which means you will get your items almost as fast as lightning. Sometimes unfortunately it might take about the same time as it takes Harold to pitch a tent.  Please don't bust my balls, it only makes it worse. Bare with me if I don't have your items in stock straight away, you will get them eventually and i'll do my best to get them to you as soon as possible!


Righto you impatient MFERS. When I get your order and if your items are in stock, I stick them straight in a post bag, If my homing pigeon Eugene is sick or off work for the day, then I use Australia Post. If I have the time in stock, depending on where you live it should get there within the week.


Shipping is a flat rate of 8 bucks within Australia. I really dislike postage prices so I try and do what I can to keep the price down (sexual favors for the mail man, etc.). Any orders over 100 bucks i'll shout your postage costs within Australia because I’m a top bloke. If you live local, then email me and we can piss the postage bullshit off and work something out, like dodgy meet ups in the Woolworths car park. 


Returns can be done! I have no issue with swapping sizes but any shipping to and from will be at your expense. Please only return items that haven’t been worn. Yes I will be smelling the arm pits and looking for jizz stains before I send you another size. Please suss out the expertly, hand drawn sizing charts before you buy anything so we don’t have to stuff around with returns. Contact to discuss.


If you don’t like my stuff when you get it that’s fine. I don’t hold grudges. I am more than happy to refund your money if you’re not a jerk about it. Jerks need not request a refund.