Who the bloody hell is Sir Harold?

Cutting a fucking long story short...Sir Harold was made up by a few mates at high school circa 2008. He evolved from something so stupid and somehow found himself the centre of a 'brand' (lol)

The group of mates dedicated a annual boys trip to Sir Harolds legacy and that still runs today. One of the boys in the crew was intrigued by how tee shirts are made as he wanted to make annual tee shirts for the trip. In 2014 he discovered there is this thing called screen printing and thats how tees are printed. A fuckload of googling, you-tubing and developing a real interest in screen printing, Sir Harold Apparel was accidentally created along with a full on sweat shop where its all created.

All tee shirts are hand printed by that dickhead bloke in his shed in the back yard of a house in Kyneton.  Expect spelling mistakes, wacky humour and some naughty words. Because at the end of the day...life's too short. 

Sir Harold Apparel isn't really a brand or label. It's a community.  


Heres some info on the old cock if you're interested... 


Full name:  Harold Cntsworthy.

Age:  He can’t remember 

Marital Status:  Single and still a virgin.

Occupation: Rabbit Breeder

Favourite Food: An omelette 

Favourite Beverage:  Shandy.

Favourite Celebrity:  Bob Hawke

Favourite Band:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Favourite Hobby:  Breeding rabbit and selling them

Favourite Book:  Fifty Shades of Grey.

Favourite Shop:  Lowes and/or Rivers

Why was he knighted:  Won it in a Christmas cracker

Favourite Subject at School:  Anatomy.

Favourite Music Genre:  Native

What regularly makes him cry:  Cheese