The Peter Snap


Another Peter, another father. Father Peter? Nah he's not a priest! He's a farmer. That's right, ol' Meaty Pete has some land, quite a bit actually. Several hundred thousand million acres I think. And on that land you will find Meaty Pete and his 6 trillion sheep. Meaty Pete is a man of very few words but is an expert in breeding sheep. 

Meaty says "They call me Meaty Pete. I don't know why, I am a Sheppard of the land and I make my sheep wear these hats to keep the sun off their faces"

Ragga Tee Deets:

• Adjustable plastic fastener, eyelets, green under-peak lining 
• 80% acrylic 20% wool 
• One size fits all

Please note: Stock is generally 'made to order'.so delays are expected if stock is not on hand. Please allow at least two - three weeks if items are not in stock.