Everyday Mask (2 Pack)


These don't really need any mayo. We should all used to them by now, They are fucken shit. I wish they didn't exist. But they do, and we gotta suck it up. 

I have been wearing a sample one of these for about a month now and I must say its like having a pair of jocks or nickers on your face. It's slightly pleasing given the circumstances we currently find ourselves in. 

These masks come in packs of two (so you can wash one while you wear the other one and so on you grotty fuck) If you don't know how to wash a pair of jocks either by hand or via a washing machine then I suggest you seek the advice of a life coach. 

There are 2 prints available (at this stage, ya never know what other shit I can come up with) There is black on black for those people who work in fussy work places or there is white prints on black masks.

Also, these masks are one size. If you have a decent sized head then these will fit you just fine as is. If you have a small cute head, they will need altering for a better fit.

These are made of tee shirt material (so I guess its 100% cotton) They are two layered.  

For all of you who know how to use a sewing machine and have one, Awesome. 

For those that don't...because I care about those of you who don't have that life skill, I will include a little basic sowing kit so you can alter the mask to that cute face of yours. Please select Yes or No if you need one. (if I could ask just one thing, please don't just click yes for the sake of it. I have to hand pack all these little sewing kits and it's quite time consuming so if you can sow and have a sewing machine, it will do a better job)

Please keep being safe, please don't be a dick. Wear a mask. 

Lots Of Love,

The Old Guy